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Jyothi 'Jo' Misra is the daughter of George and Ravi. She is in the Famous 5: On the Case. Her siblings are Micheal and Sam. She is a member of the Famous 5: On the Case. In fact, she is the leader of the group. She is a tomboy, like her mother, George, and prefers to shorten her name to a more masculine form. Jo's actual name is Jothi is of Anglo-Indian; Ravi is her father, whom George met in the Himalayas.

Appearance Edit

Jo is often seen wearing a red sweater with a yellow shirt underneath, dark blue jeans, and indigo shoes with yellow markings. Her skin is darker than the others, due to her being Anglo-Indian, and has black hair. Her eyes are green and has freckles on her face.

Family Edit

  • Mother: George
  • Father: Ravi
  • Cousins: Maxwell Kirrin and Ashlia Campbell
  • Second Cousin: Dylan Kirrin

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