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Julian is the oldest of the Five. He is also very responsible and takes of the children. He is seen as the leader of the Famous Five Adventuring group.


  • Birth Name: Julian Barnard
  • Age: 12 (FOATI - FGAA) 13 (FRAT - present)
  • Siblings: Dick Barnard (younger brother), Anne Barnard (younger sister)
  • Cousins: George Kirrin
  • Uncles: Quentin Kirrin
  • Aunts: Fanny Kirrin
  • First Appearance: Five On A Treasure Island
  • Final Appearance: Five Are Together Again

Appearance Edit

== Julian has straight, short blonde hair and blue eyes. He usually wears a sleeveless jersey and beige short trousers, along with a yellow or white shirt and brown shoes. George can be very stubborn and he likes to take the lead, telling everybody what to do. ==

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