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The Famous Five (1990s)

The Famous Five is a British television series based on the children's book series of the same name by Enid Blyton.

It was first broadcast on Tyne Tees Television and HTV from 10/9/1995 onwards, and on CITV (the children's strand of ITV) from 1/7/1996 onwards; there were two series between 1995 and 1997, produced by Zenith North and Tyne Tees in 26 twenty-five-minute episodes.

Characters Edit

  • Jemima Rooper as George
  • Marco Williamson as Julian
  • Paul Child as Dick
  • Laura Petela as Anne
  • Elsie Kelly as Joan
  • Christopher Good as Uncle Quentin
  • Mary Waterhouse as Aunt Frances

Episodes Edit

First Series (initially shown on HTV and Tyne Tees)[1][2]

  • Five on a Treasure Island (part 1) (10 September 1995)
  • Five on a Treasure Island (part 2) (17 September)
  • Five Get into Trouble (24 September)
  • Five Go Adventuring Again (1 October)
  • Five Fall into Adventure (8 October)
  • Five Go to Demon's Rocks (15 October)
  • Five on Kirrin Island Again (22 October)
  • Five on Finniston Farm (29 October)
  • Five Go Off to Camp (5 November)
  • Five Have Plenty of Fun (12 November)
  • Five on a Secret Trail (19 November)
  • Five Go to Smuggler's Top (part 1) (26 November)
  • Five Go to Smuggler's Top (part 2) (3 December)

Second Series (initially shown on HTV)

  • Five Go Down to the Sea (part 1) (10 November 1996)
  • Five Go Down to the Sea (part 2) (17 November)
  • Five Run Away Together (24 November)
  • Five Have a Mystery to Solve (1 December)
  • Five Go to Mystery Moor (8 December)
  • Five (Go) On a Hike Together (15 December)
  • Five Have a Wonderful Time (part 1) (5 January 1997)
  • Five Have a Wonderful Time (part 2) (12 January)
  • Five Go Off in a Caravan (19 January)
  • Five Get into a Fix (26 January)
  • Five Are Together Again (2 February)
  • Five Go to Billycock Hill (part 1) (9 February)
  • Five Go to Billycock Hill (part 2) (16 February)

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